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Scientific Library of Baku State University is one of the main libraries among high school libraries which was founded in 1919. Taking into consideration the wish of commision which was organised the University June 2, 1919, the minicipal administration of Baku Mikhaylovsky (present Azizbeyov) agreed to transfer the library attached to a hospital to the University .The same year commision addressed to the congress of Baku oil industrialists to transfer the library of Sabuncu hospital to the University. The library was trasnfered to the University in 1920. On the dean of Oriental Studies prof.P.K.Jhuze’s own initative medical division was organized, consisting 212 books.For this purpose People’s Commisar alotted special means in roubles 7 thousand(gold). At the expenses of these means in Istanbul were bought more than two thousand books. Orientaldepartment began functioning from May, 1924.According tothe instruction of Council of People’s Commissars many books were delivered from different offices and organizations in 1920-22. Books donated to the University by the administration of XI Red Army played an important role. Prof.F.N.Ilini and P.Y.Rostovsevy were sent to Leningrad to buy books by Scientific Council of the University in 1922 and were delivered the books, including all editions of Academy of Sciences. The fund was consisted of more than 24713 copies in 1924. In 1928-1929 years the editions of former Baku French society about 1000 copies were transferred to the University. From Houses of the workers of education the Universityreceived complete set of Russian magazines about 2000 copies. Many books were donated by private personsas Chobanzade B, Joze P.Kh, Mudrov, Jafarov D, Tumbel,Rusanova and so on in these years.

“Fund of Rare books” is the honorary fund in the library. This fund consists of rare andancient books, manuscripts of Russian funds, fund in Europeanlanguages and literature from Azerbaijan and Eastern Studies. Rare copies belonging to XVI-XVIII centries and at the same time rare manuscripts belonging to XIV-XVIII were collected in this fund. Ancient manuscripts belong to 1308. There are manybooks of prominent writers, public men and scientists in this fund.

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