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Account and Acquisition department

Head of department : Guliyeva Rahila Huseyin

Telefone number+(994) 12 439-06-21:

Department Account and acquisition began its functioning since the year of creation of the university library. To complete the fund of the library by necessary literature according to education and research work of high schools depends on acquisition of literature.

Sources of the fund :


Deposit of BSU

Publishing house of BSU

Compulsory copy

By donating from various organizations and persons

By mail

by replacing instead of lost issues

This department works according the following stages:

to complete the fund of the library by necessary literature in Azerbaijan and foreign languages

to conduct the exact account of purchasedliterature in the library

to carry out cleaning of the out-of-date and old literature from the fund of the library,

to organize on university an annual subscription to newspapers and magazines.

The purchased literature is sorted by all over the funds of the library, is registered in the inventory book and the registration cards for educational literature are opened. The necessary documents are returned to accounts department of the university. All processes of work of the department are done manually and automatically using the program IRBIS-64.

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