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Cataloging and Processing

Head of Department :Zamanova Q.Khurama

Telephone number: +(994) 12 439-06-21

From the department of Account and Aquisition all received literature in the library, are transfered to the department of Cataloging and Processing . These are textbooks, proceedings, fiction literature, dissertations in Azerbaijan and Russian languages. In the department the received literature are described and technical processing are done. All processing literature are included inthe electron catalogand manual alphabetical catalogs.

There is a separate catalog for works of scientists of university since 2000.

All purchased literature are included electron catalogfrom 2002.

Carried out work in the department:

to receive and to describe new books, technical processing

to include new books electron catalog

to edit books and index cards

to include index cards alphabetical catalog

to deliver books to fund by control paper

to rub outbook numbers of the inventory book from the back of index cards

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