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Department of Rare books and manuscripts

Senior librarian :Novruzbayova Jannat

Telephone number: +(994) 12 439-06-21

One of departments having scientific fund and a reading hall, is the department of the rare and valuable books, in which the books are kept from XV century to XX century, among which there are editions with the autographes of the outstanding persons.

In this department there is literature on all branches of science. The books assembled in this fund, have no analogues in any high schools libraries of Azerbaijan.

The ancient books of a spiritual - christian directionare kept here which reflect all people’s life of the world, life of the prophets, biographies of the christian apostles in latin and ancient Russian languages.A lot ofbooks are on history, ethnography of the peoples of the world and archaeology. The Russian history is represented from Kiev’s Russia up to the last king. The same rich materials on history of England, Germany, France.

Many books reflect life of east peoples: history of Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey. The books on history of Azerbaijan occupy a huge place. “The Collection of materials of generation and nationality of Caucasus " is very valuable.

The huge place in the fund is allocated on history of Egypt, Rome, on philosophy of east philosophers. The works of Sokrat and Aristotel are kept in the department.

Taking into account the valuable fund of the department, the various forms and methods of control are used.Implementing automated electronic systems and means ofcontrol allow reliably to protect the fund from plunders. The books of rare fund of the library are not taken out, readers use them at the presence of the workers of the department. The fund and its sections have the separate catalogues, on which the workers of the department service readers.

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