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Scientific library ofBaku State University

Head of International Exchange Information division Yusifova Jamila

Tel.:439 06 21

e-mail: jamilayusifova@ yahoo.com

International Exchange Information division assumes particular importance in the Scientific Library of Baku State University and services with online materials its users within the frame of Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium. Access to 10 EBSCO databases online (over 7.000 titles cover scientific areas as social, humanitarian and technical, education, culture, computer and so on.)

Following projects of eIFL.net are provided:

10 EBSCO databases online(over 7.000 titles) and selected sub-sets in CD/DVD format

Cambridge University (220 titles)

American Physical Society

Institute of Physics(UK) (55 titles)

Oxford Lanuage Dictionary

Menu of databases and journals:

Wiley/Blackwell Publishing

Britannica Online




Harvard Business School Publishing


Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium has connections with international organizations within the frame of projects as

“Calimera”, “Google Scolar” and “Union Catalog”.

Scientific Library of Baku State University has subscription over 7.000 titles of on-line journals in English in full-text and services its users. You have access tothese on-line journals through the following site :


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