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Newly elected deputy of Parliament, the Rector of Baku State University

Abel Maharramov with scientific workers of Academic Library


Assistance to readers


Fund of rare books


Exhibition of Miniature books


Donated books by US Library Association


Opening ceremony of reading-hall


Acquaintance with library of respected guests coming from Korean Embassy


Director of Georgian Libraries Association Irakli Garibashvili’s meeting with

Chiefs of libraries of higher institutions in Azerbaijan


Exhibition of university  scientists


Azerbaijan  Scientific Practical Conference: “Contemporary

problems  of Computerize of the libraries of higher schools”


Presentation ceremony of “TV –plus” journal

Exhibition   of Russian Federation Scientific publications


Meeting of Academic council of Library


Acquaintance with library of respected guests coming from Iranian Republic


Exhibition  of  institutional scientists and investigators

publications in the sport- concert complex by name Haydar Aliyev




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